round drain grate Buy Energy-Efficient Equipment Water coolers, appliances, electronics, etc. are all great ways to save energy. There are even tax incentives for business who buy energy-efficient equipment.

drain grate storm drain grates The Willis Tower (formerly Sears Tower) Skydeck should be top of your list for starters. Take the ear-popping lift to the 103rd floor observation deck where - on a good day - you can see as far as Michigan, Wisconsin and Indiana. It’s not all about views, however, with interactive exhibits telling all about Chicago’s past, including floor trench drain, musicians, writers and sports stars.

Nature is an unlimited source of Zentangle patterns. Tree bark, bare tree branches, flowers, leaves, grass, pebbles on the beach or the formation of a flock of geese as they fly overhead. There are man-made patterns everywhere too. Architecture, roof tiles, grit piled at the side of the road, a decorative grate covers. grated trench drain Patterns can be found in the most mundane of places. channel drain grate cover iron gratings All you have to do is be willing to look for them.

Whoever said you had to limit yourself to just one type of home-based business? It is perfectly OK to combine more than one type and make customers from one business customers from both. For instance, if you run a family day care center and sell environmental friendly drain covers and personal care products, your daycare moms would be more than interested in these products for their own homes. channel drain grates Do you clean offices or work organizing homes or offices or do freelance bookkeeping? sewage grate Those customers would buy such products from you, too.

plastic grating flooring Kids need sunscreen with at least SPF 30 to keep them from getting sunburned. tree grate Choose one that is waterproof, and that protects them from both UVA and UVB rays. Sun exposure is cumulative, which means today’s sun can cause cancer later in life. There is no excuse, No matter what nationality you are or how dark your skin is, people of all ages should be wearing sunscreen. Please give your child an early start on sun exposure. Lather up!